How To Ship
Things You Need To Know

Before You Go to the Airport
You need to havethese things covered before you head to the Airport.

Check the Weather

Be Sure to check temps in all 3 cities, Your Departure, Connecting, and Arrival Cities at for American Airlines for Delta Airlines

United Airines has no temp restrictions.

If the temps do not meet the Airline Requirement, You will be turned away.

Check Your Crate
If you Crate does not meet Airline Requirements, You will be turned away.

"click here" to see basic crate requirements.

Check to make sure you have all required documents

If you do not have all the Required Paperwork for each Airline You are Using, You will be turned away.

We will send you a list of these requirements with your confirmation email.

Click Here !
Or Call Plasti-Crate
785 - 733 - 2748
1-800 - 255 - 6279

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